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Sensing synapses: microglia reduce your risk of seizures

A curious thing happens as the brain develops. Well before the brain looks anything like what it will become – just a few weeks after the embryo has formed – a group of cells generated by your immune system move into the brain. Once there, they multiply, disperse, settle down, and send out delicate fine […]

Adjusting the brain’s clocks

Since ancient times it has been described that seizures present a cyclical organization. Despite this, only with the wider use of the long-term electroencephalography (or EEG for short) clinicians and scientists have been able to further identify and classify the seizure patterns. We now know that seizures may happen only at certain times of the […]

Entering The Matrix: where patients, scientists, and clinicians work together

Entering the Matrix It couldn’t have been better named: Epilepsy in English. Because, let’s face it, that’s what we, the majority of the human population (in English-speaking countries anyway!); need when it comes to epilepsy, epilepsy research and the human brain in general. We need epilepsy researchers to translate all of the otherwise rarely seen […]

Mysterious RNA circles found at sites where epilepsy begins

A famous hoax Anyone in their mid-40s or older might just remember media coverage of a strange phenomenon that appeared in the 1980s in fields in the south of England. “Crop circles” were large, complex circular patterns of flattened corn, often found close to ancient sites such as Stonehenge. A substantial number of people believed […]


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